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We Know What Works

We are a team of experts and entrepreneurs. We spent years in the financial industry and in the startup ecosystem of Europe. Through the years we have seen startups fail and succeed — and one determining factor of their fate has been repeatedly their access to capital.

A good idea, a good team or the right timing are important determinant of the success rate, but if there is no fuel in the form of capital and cash flow, no matter how great the idea, the company will fail.

Startups and companies often turn to angel investors, venture funds or accelerators to supply growth, however for this they would have to give up large chunks of ownership of their companies, chunks that could be worth a lot more with time.

On the other hand, investors wouldn’t provide capital unless there is market validation in the form of paying customers.  

Applying for loans at commercial banks is tough. The application process takes months and approval rates are low. Personal guarantees, collaterals, securities, and additional fees apply.  

All these forms of financing don’t support the growth trajectory of an early business — they come with too many terms and conditions, restrictions and legal mumbo-jumbo.

Our solution: Kvikk.

With our network of investors, we raised a small fund that enables us to discover and fund promising early businesses — and work with them on the long term. With public and private data banks we built a machine learning based assessment algorythm that classifies businesses based on data retrieved through commercial, payment and analytics APIs. 

Our Approach

1. Data-driven assessment

We do not need a 100-page business model, LoIs, pilot contracts, legal documents and other sort of reports. We build on the power of big data — through an easy API integration our models asses the financial health of your company in seconds  and determined the terms of our business loan. A quick, easy-to-understand report is created that lets us understand your business and industry. 

2. Cash on your account the same day

Once you approve the terms of the loan, we connect our APIs and the deal is done, the cash you need to fuel your growth is on your account. No escrows, no clearing banks — just as a regular sale, the cash is at your disposal to purchase what is most crucial to support your growth and scale.

3. Incremental payback with fixed terms

We work with transparent and clear terms. After the deal is done, the loan is seamlessly paid back with every card payment on your website. If sales are low, payback is low and when business is booming, the loan will get paid faster — we vibe with you. 

kvikk.io BANKS
No fixed time schedule Fixed time schedule
Payback is based on the future growth of the company Paybacks and interest rates are set and inflexible
High approval rates Very low rates of approval
Decision and cash deposited within 24 hours Tedious application and decision process
No paperwork required, data-based assessment Collaterals, tax reports, legal documents, business plans required
No personal guarantee or security needed Collateral and personal guarantee are required

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