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Data Driven

Automated assessment of your business through the numbers.


No personal guarantee, collateral required.

Data-driven Merchant Cash Advance

The New Path to Funding Growth

Whether investing in equipment, hiring talent or covering other costs, businesses need capital and cash flow to keep growing. Securing a traditional loan can be difficult and tiresome with many restrictions, limitations and personal guarantees or collaterals.

Alternative ways to traditional finance are growing among businesses, and a merchant cash advance is one of the innovative and flexible ways to get quick cash flow into small businesses to secure their capital to grow.

Our Services

Kvikk capital for your business with flexible data driven, automated repayments from your daily cash flow. 

We know how hard it can get sometimes with banks, investors, VCs— therefore, we have come up with a better business model for your business model to get cash faster.


Short term business loans

Our goal is to grow your business. We are flexible on our terms and are ready to lend from a few hundred to a couple of thousand Euros, even for a few weeks to boost your cashflow. 

Simple, quick application process

In a few minutes you can get an offer. We use our robust financial models to analyze your business and set the terms of a loan. You will receive it in your mail the same day, and after approval the cash on your account. 

No security or business plans

No personal guarantee, no collaterals, no equity, no origination, no diligence fees, no fixed payment terms — we are not neither a bank nor a VC and we don’t act like one either.

Risk-free, flexible payback on card sales

We charge a set fee from every card payment until the loan is paid off. Terms are set based on the numbers of your business — if sales are low, payback is low. 

Data based payback rates

No hidden fees and funny business — we use state-of-the-art ML and AI models to analyze your business to the last number and make an offer you can’t refuse.

No fixed terms or monthly repayments

We are all digital, our process takes a few minutes and two APIs. 

Kvikk is right for you if…

 …you are missing out on unexpected business opportunities due to shortages in working capital.

…you want to avoid giving up equity to investors or stringent loan approval processes and personal guarantees when applying for bank loans.

…you need working capital now for inventory, advertising, marketing, development and other business purposes to fund future growth.

…you want to avoid unfulfilled orders and empty shelves .

Easy as 1-2-3


Through a simple read API we connect to your web shop and marketing analytics. Our models do the rest. 


In a few minutes you get the report and terms of the Kvikk loan. After approval the transfeer is made to your account. 

Get funded

Start using the funds to grow your business and get the revenue rolling in. 

Data-based repayment

Our data based assessment process enables us to analyse your business within minutes and establish the terms for you to receive capital. Unlike banks, investors or VCs, the Kvikk application and approval process only takes a few minutes, and the cash needed to accelerate your business can be on your account within 24-hours. 

Get funded today!

Answers to Your Questions

What is a merchant cash advance?

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Does my business qualify for an MCA loan?

It has a high chance of qualifying if:

  • your customer base is diversified.
  • there is an operating history of a minimum of 3 months.
  • there is consistent activity through a bank account in the previous months.
  • there are payments processed
    through card payments.
  • it is either an active webshop or a Saas business with active users.

Can I apply for free?

Yes, it is free to apply and after providing the required information and data, our algorithms will create a report that gives you and us useful insight into your company’s financial health. In this report we determine the terms of the loan and after your approval we make a cash transfer to your account. There is no interest nor compounding interest. The exact fee for the loan will be clearly defined and determined.

So what is the legal view on MCA loans?

MCA is viewed as an alternative financing vehicle and neither is subject to either banking or securities regulations. As long as
MCA transactions meet all the requirements of being a sale
contract and not a loan agreement, one seems to be able to avoid becoming subject to banking regulations. In most jurisdictions MCA contracts are governed by local Civil Code.

How is my company data handled?

We comply with the standard European data regulations. We access your data through read only API, through webshop APIs like WooCommerce, Shopify, analytics APIs like Google Analytics and payment APIs just like Stripe. We only use these data to assess your companies financial health and establish the terms of the loan.


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